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Drex ltg (Liricalthegod)

Growing up in Baltimore Md, life wasn't always easy for Drex ltg through the years. As a young boy he faced things like ADHD, anxiety, and typically not getting along with other kids which made him tend to act out and feel like a loner. As every loner will tell you though, no one really wants to be alone. Drex was always charismatic and energetic, finding joy in things that pushed the mind to be creative. He enjoyed hobbies like creating short stories. That includes writing them as well as acting them out with his action figures creating narratives and scenarios just for fun. He never really "loved" reading. However, he always performed above his level and was a very good public speaker so reading out loud in class was never an issue for him though he noticed some of the other kids didn't perform as well in this regard. By the time he got to middle school his sights were set on acting as his future dream job and career. As 8th grade was ending and he was headed to high school he attempted to get accepted into the Baltimore School for the Arts for acting however he was not accepted in. Devastated by this, he then applied for the law academy where he was accepted and studied various forms of law from civil, criminal, etc. The possibility of maybe following that path crossed his mind. By age 13 he started playing around with the idea of "freestyling". It happened randomly and naturally. He had always been one to rise to a challenge or do what it takes to stand out. He was approached by someone looking to do work in the community with the youth who had an interest in music and asked if he had any musical talent. Without any hesitation and almost like it was something he had been doing for years he replied... "Yeah I can rap". That is where it all begin. So while Drex said so eagerly and confidently that he could rap, the reality was he had never written a song before, never been on a mic before, never performed, and had zero experience in the field of music. Whenever he was asked to rap he would just freestyle and as a young 13 year old kid in Baltimore city his material was hardly suitable for anyone's ears let alone the youth. Drex had no comprehension of what rapping really was so he just spewed out random inappropriate, violent, fictional stuff that was garbage and quite honestly sucked. Thankfully, he had people around him to encourage his new endeavor and help him grow and evolve as he navigated through it. He had a couple older cousins he looked up to who had actually been rapping for a number of years and he was able to learn and adapt from them. The biggest and greatest resource he had was his cousin Fame, or as he was known back then Poe. Poe had been doing music for a few years and was a true hip-hop artist. He had lyrics that had meaning, a flow and style that made sense and made you love the music. Poe had his own crew called The Mob and once Drex and Poe decided they were gonna do this thing together with the friends they made, who also rapped, they merged their crew names and created something new. The Mob Squad. Mob Squad was the true start and development of Drex ltg. By this point he was well into high school and becoming an older teen/ young adult so there were many changes going on in every aspect of life. The simple youthful ignorance of that era in his life is a moment in time he will never forget and always cherish. As the years went on, Drex obviously got older but with that he became wiser and more mature. The content of his music shifted away from the things he rapped about before and his entire outlook on music and life changed. He went through a phase in which he didn't use profanity, but later decided that when used with purpose, profanity can actually be a useful tool for crafting narratives in a realistic and relatable manor. In 2008/2009 he started buying beats from online producers. Once he got a taste of this he decided to no longer use the industry beats he had no choice but to use for his entire career up until then. That was a different time from now, so back when Drex started creating music, the internet was not the place it is now. Social media was not the mainstream giant it has become, so obtaining beats was not easy. For a teenager with no money, beats were not that easy to get unless you were a producer or knew one, so it was instrumentals to popular songs that he used to create his own music  for a long time. Once he had the freedom to really create what he wanted to, since now that he had access to original beats, he again went through another metamorphoses becoming even more fine tuned and sharp with his skill. He started creating albums and each album got longer and longer every time with 18 to 24 track CDs back to back. The problem was Drex always felt under appreciated and like he didn't get the support, recognition, and respect he deserved as a top tier mc.
Putting out record after record, still seeing no rise in popularity or income made him discouraged and even resentful towards the people he felt should have done more. It took years of growing up and maturing for him to realize that he was thinking about it wrong and actually not being appreciative of the support he did have. Now as a seasoned artist with more than 18 years of experience, Drex ltg takes a veterans approach to his music, his audience, and the things that come along with chasing the dream. The story has just begun and is far from over,  so stay tuned! TMEP We Rock, We Rock!!!

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